Metropolitan Security Patrol has armed officers who are highly trained and ready to protect at any moment. Hire armed security for a single event or on a permanent basis. Our armed security guards are not only well-trained by Metropolitan Security Patrol, but they have the authority to make arrests if the need arises. In addition, all of our officers are vetted with extensive background checks through local and federal agencies. Our armed security officers are fully qualified to work private and corporate security, and for large events. Have the private security company you can trust working to keep you, your company, and property safe.

Know your property is safe with the best security agency in the Houston metro area. You can hire us for security patrol to keep your business safe, as well as your hotel, apartments, schools, shopping centers and clinics.  Our services have been available since 2007 and we were founded on the basis of providing efficient security guard services that were reliable. Since our founding, we are committed to providing service with a higher standard than most private security companies in the area. Our armed security officers can be a in a car or on a bike patrol to check your property. We offer rapid alarm response in addition to the patrols.

We offer free consultations for your specific needs. During this consultation, we can also give you an estimate of what the job will cost, as each job is unique. Contact us to learn more about our services and see if Metropolitan Security Patrol is right for you.